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Positive Parenting

If you need an effective positive parenting program that can help you keep your child on the right track and build self-confidence, we have just what you need! This form of parenting is the style that many experts are recommending, as it takes a positive approach and has a host of benefits. It doesn't have to be complicated to work.

The basic idea of a positive parenting program is to reward good behavior by children, while giving minimal or no attention to a child's bad behavior. Like almost all people, kids want incentives to make the right choices.

First you'll want to get feedback from other parents who are already having success, and specific solutions from experts in the field. We provide an entire library of articles on a variety of kids' behavior issues and parenting tips. Use this as a resource to get started. Our positive discipline information is age-based, so you'll get helpful solutions that are relevant to your child. This will make it easy to have a strong foundation for your positive parenting program, whether your kids are preschoolers, elementary schoolers, tweens, or teens.

Positive Parenting Solutions

Once you know the best approach to take with your kids, you need specific tools and positive parenting solutions. You'll find those here too. We provide behavior tools and incentive charts to make goal-setting and progress-tracking easy.

Start by talking to your kids about why they are an important part of the family. Their contributions and positive attitude can make both parents and other siblings truly have a better life. If the home is a happy place, if everyone is getting along reasonably well and everyone is doing their share, then the whole family is rewarded. Getting all family members involved in positive parenting solutions is important. Talk to your child about what they think a good incentive would be for making improvements in their behavior, or for doing certain chores. This isn't really a negotiation, but if children don't want the reward then they won't work towards getting it.

By setting realistic goals from the beginning, you assure the success of your parenting solution. Don't set the bar too low though, or the child will see less value in their accomplishments. As children make good choices, praise them! Keep track of their progress on a daily basis. Incentive and reward charts can really make this easy, and kids can get involved in updating them too.

The keys to getting results from your positive parenting program are to:

  • Learn about what's working, and what approach seems a good fit for your family
  • Talk to your kids about what they feel, and how they think things could be improved
  • Put your chosen positive parenting solutions into action with the involvement of the entire family
  • Keep consistent with updating incentive charts and acknowledging accomplishments
  • Stay positive! Positive parenting requires patience, determination, the whole family's participation, and of course positivity.

Start with an effective strategy by using our resource of parenting tips, and then get the tools you need for consistency and success. Make sure to be realistic and give yourself a break when you need one. Big changes can't happen overnight, and you're only human. Keep your mind not only on the goals you have set for your children, but on those you are setting for your family as well. Positive parenting is absolutely the best route to take, and we can help you every step of the way!