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Behavior Charts: Snakes & Reptiles

Printables: Charts for Kids

Snakes & reptiles fascinate many children. These behavior charts for kids feature a variety of reptiles to interest your child. Parents can list behaviors, chores and goals on the charts and watch their kid turn tasks into lifelong habits

4 Charts Available
1. Children Behavior Charts: Frogs

Our free printable animal-themed charts are a fun way for children to get motivated to practice good behavior. Kids love animals and will enjoy marking off their behavior accomplishments each week on this “Children Behavior Charts: Frogs” chart. Reward them with a corresponding frog-themed award certificate or a prize from our Kid Pointz store.

2. Behavior Problem Chart: Snakes & Lizards

Visual reminders are great for parents who want to instill good child behavior in young kids. Our “Behavior Problem Chart: Snakes & Lizards” reptile-themed printable behavior chart will serve as a great reminder for your kids as they track their behavior progress. Also, check out our videos section for more parenting tips on teaching children to practice good behavior.

3. Charts for Kids: Snakes Theme

Snakes & reptiles seem to hold a special attraction for many children; use that attraction to your advantage! Our snake (reptile) themed behavior chart will have them slithering over (scurrying over) to see how many items they have checked off their task list. Kids respond well to visual reminders of important tasks, chores, and behaviors, and parents love charts because they don’t have to remind their children as frequently! Check out our videos section for advice on managing problem behaviors.

4. Children Behavior Charts: Snakes

Kids seem to have a special attraction to snakes and reptiles. Our “Children Behavior Charts: Snakes” themed chart will motivate them to keep track of their behavior progress and will help parents teach their children to practice good behavior. Mark off each behavior accomplishment as it is completed and reward your children for a job well done with a corresponding award certificate. View our videos section for more parenting advice.