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Behavior Charts: Summer

Behavior Chart for Child

Our Summer themed behavior charts can motivate a child to stay on the right track with their behavior and responsibilities so they can get outside and play with other kids. Children benefit by having a consistent reminder of the specific behaviors, chores and goals displayed on their chart.

8 Charts Available
1. Behavior Charts: Summer Themes

Our “Behavior Charts: Summer Themes” printable pages for kids are fun motivational tools for kids to practice good behavior during the summer season, while out of school. Teaching children to practice good manners, respect, and positive discipline is easy with our free charts for kids. Your child will be excited to track his daily progress toward certain goals that you set, and to earn rewards through our online points system.

2. Behavior Chart: Summer Theme

Some kids may think that summer is the time to slack off, but when it comes to behavior they must put in an effort every day of the year. With our summer themed kids behavior charts you can keep your children focused and reward them for great behavior. Paired with our online points system, these charts will give your kids the encouragement they need to behave this summer!

3. Behavior Charts: Beach Themes

School is out for summer, and that’s all the more reason for parents to focus on shaping their kids’ behavior during the hot, summer days. Use our “Behavior Charts: Beach Themes” printables to motivate your children to learn and practice good behaviors. Reward them with points for their good manners, which they can redeem for prizes from our Kid Pointz store.

4. Kids Charts: Summer Theme

Are your kids excited about the summer? Of course! And with our free printable behavior charts you can be too! These summer themed charts will help you keep your little ones focused on behaving well and will provide a fun and organized way to reward them for doing a great job!

5. Behavior Chart: Beach Theme

Our “Behavior Chart: Beach Theme” award chart will motivate your child to stay focused on practicing positive discipline during the hot, summer days while out of school. This colorful beach themed chart will motivate your child as he tracks his progress and earns points and rewards for his good behavior. A points system is the perfect way to keep your children working toward their goals.

6. Kids Chart: Beach Theme

The hot weather during the summer season may promote laziness, but parents can keep their kids focused and motivated with our free printable behavior charts for children. Use our “Kids Chart: Beach Theme” award charts to talk to your kids about the importance of respect and good manners within the home. Pair our behavior charts with our chore charts for a winning combo.

7. Kids Charts: Beach Theme

Summer is full of lazy days, but that’s no reason for your child to slip into laziness as well, when it comes to good behavior. Teach children to stay focused on good manners, respect and obedience with our “Kids Charts: Beach Theme” behavior charts. Pair these with our chore charts to keep your kids working hard, and reward them for their efforts with prizes from our Kid Pointz store.

8. Printable Chart: Beach Theme

Our “Printable Chart: Beach Theme” behavior charts are easy to use and are fun motivational tools for kids to stay focused on good behavior during the summer when school is out. Our behavior charts use a points and rewards system that motivates children by letting them see their progress toward certain goals. Pair these themed charts with our summer themed award certificates to reward your kids for their hard work.