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Behavior Charts: Summer Themes

Behavior Charts:  Summer Themes

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By using this chart you can choose what types of subjects to cover in your Summer Chart such as any type of road trips you and your family might take, if you and your family went to any amusement parks, water parks, camping trips, any type of family gatherings you might have went to or may have planned or something as simple as being outside under the stars. You can also write down how well your child acted while at the amusement park or the water park, how well they listened while away from home, or how well they interacted and played with other kids around their age. Also by chance if there’s any issues or temper tantrums while out and about you can also write those down, this can be used as a reward chart for your child, to show how well they behaved, if they had any melt downs or issues with other kids or how polite and honest they are during the trip away from home. These factors will also help you determine if you are possibly going to be planning on another family trip away from home or another trip to the amusement park or having another family gathering.