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Behavior Charts: Sports Variety

Free: Printable Behavior Charts

This collection of sports themed behavior charts is perfect for parents to improve child behavior, reduce sibling rivalry and increase performance at school. These free charts benefit kids by clearly displaying a consistent reminder of the behaviors, rules and responsibilities that are expected of them.

8 Charts Available
1. Charts for Behavior: Mixed Sports

Playing a sport well takes a lot of discipline, which must be learned at a young age both within and outside the home. Parents can motivate children to develop good child discipline with our “Charts for Behavior: Mixed Sports” theme charts for kids. Using a points system, track your child’s progress toward certain goals and award them when they succeed.

2. Kids Charts: Sports Activities

Sports are great motivators; participation in athletics can teach your child all about teamwork, responsibility, and working hard. Harness that power with out sports-themed behavior charts. These positive parenting tools can be used to teach your kid positive values and extinguish bad behavior. Pair them with a points/rewards system and some of our other parenting resources.

3. Behavior Charts: Ice Skating

Mastering the art of figure skating takes a lot of hard work and discipline. Teach your child to master the fundamentals of good behavior, both on and off the ice, with our “Behavior Charts: Ice Skating” themed award charts. Watch your kids’ self esteem rise as they check off their achieved goals one by one and recognize their success with an ice skating theme award certificate.

4. Charts for Behavior: Fishing Theme

Fishing is both rewarding and relaxing at the same time, and good behavior should be too. Make it fun for children to learn discipline and good behavior with our “Charts for Behavior: Fishing Theme” printable pages for kids. Let your children mark off their achievements and reward them with a special gift, such as a prize from our Kid Pointz store or a corresponding fishing-themed award certificate.

5. Kids Charts: Games

Kids love games of all types, including board games, card games and sporting events. Foster your child’s competitive spirit with this “Kids Charts: Games” themed chart and turn learning good behavior into a game for your child. Let your child place a sticker on the chart next to each goal that’s completed and reward them for their success with a prize from our Kid Pointz store.

6. Behavior Charts: Mixed Sports

Young kids love to stay active, and playing a sport is a good way to learn positive discipline. Teach children good behavior within the home as well with our “Behavior Charts: Mixed Sports” free printable pages for kids. Your child can track his progress on and off the field by marking off certain goals as they are achieved. Reward your child for success with prizes from our Kid Pointz store.

7. Kids Charts: Mixed Sports

Our “Kids Charts: Mixed Sports” theme chart can help your children develop good child behavior on and off the field. Mark your child’s accomplishments with a sticker and reward them for their success with prizes from our Kid Pointz store, or pair this chart with a sports-themed award certificate. For more advice on how to talk to your children about the importance of good behavior, visit our Oh, Behave! Blog.

8. Kids Charts: Mixed Sports

The behavior of a child may be influenced with our incentive program, which uses behavior charts, points and rewards to track your children’s behavior progress. Use our “Kids Charts: Mixed Sports” theme chart to motivate your child to achieve his goals. For more information on how to teach children through positive parenting skills, visit our parenting articles section.