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Behavior Charts: Candy Theme

Behavior Charts:  Candy Theme

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This chart can help you determine how many times a week or a day your child has either asked for candy or wants to eat candy or can be used as a reward chart for your child to determine how well your child has behaved during the day or the week in order to receive a piece of candy for good behavior or how well they did in school or while playing with their other siblings if they have any. Some parents also use this to keep track of how well their child did at school, how well they behaved at home or how well they can describe colors of their favorite candy bars or pieces of candy which all depends on you and how you parent and how well your child behaves. Some schools use this chart as well to see how well they can choose the correct colors if the teacher uses this chart for a color game or a candy game in their class rooms, as well as seeing how well your child pays attention to different colors, shapes, sizes and textures of the different pieces of candy they see or they might want or ask for.