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Planes and Jets Behavior Charts: Child Behavior

Planes and Jets Behavior Charts:  Child Behavior

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The cool thing about children and airplanes is that they typically love each other. Teaching a child anything new can be difficult unless they are excited about them. Behavior charts are a great way to coach a child but they are not always the most exciting thing they have in their life and it can be difficult for them to pay attention even when it is something that is important for their development. Adding airplanes to a standard behavior tracking reward chart takes an already exceptional parenting tool and elevates it to another level. The airplanes are both fascinating and inspiring for the child. This can be incredibly useful for he parent. Once the child is inspired they may even want to work on the chart themselves. There are places where they will be able to write down all of the details of the behavior or chores that they have been tasked to accomplish. Next to that information they can write down the total points that will be awarded for completing the behavior successfully. They will write down the date next to the points when they complete each one. At the end of the month they get a chance to practice their addition skills. Take the points from each task and add the, all up. This is the total number of points earned for the month.