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Chore Chart for Children - Hearts

Chore Chart for Children  - Hearts

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Using the Hearts decorated chore list chart is an easy way for children to keep up with their tasks,each and every day. This chart is also easy for parents to use. With bright pink colors,heart and a swirly design, this chart is sure to catch your eye. This chart has five rows to fit the names of up to five children who are completing the chores. These boxes can also be used to put the names of each individual chore. There are six boxes next to each name box or chore box(however you choose to use it) that can be used to place check marks,chores,stickers or anything else you may want to use to mark off the completed chore. The top of the chart reads "This is how I contribute to my family" that encourages the children as they finish each chore on the Hearts chart. This will keep the children excited to be a helpful part of the family. This hearts decorated chore list chart can be used to teenagers also. Helping them with completing homework tasks or even activities and hobbies they enjoy doing. This chart can also be used as a point system for children by placing special stickers inside the boxes that can add up as point for a special surprise.