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Find out what the experts have to say about a variety of hot parenting and child behavior topics with our library of in-depth parenting videos. You'll discover valuable parenting tips to help handle family stress and learn the facts about how to deal with picky eaters, bullies, cyber-bullying, and sibling rivalry. There's even an interview with an expert on potty training toddlers or preschoolers.

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Our parenting videos provide valuable insight, expert advice and realistic parenting tips that can be used to further support the information found in our parenting articles. Together these resources cover important topics related to kids in the following age groups: preschool and kindergarten, elementary school, and tweens & teens.

As you reference our videos and parenting articles to help with different child behavior issues, be sure to utilize our free printable charts and behavior tools to further support your efforts.

The parenting videos on the Kid Pointz website are for general information purposes only. The individuals featured in the videos are professionals and experts in the subject matter of each respective video. Kid Pointz provides these videos for general education only and not to diagnose or render an opinion on any specific issue. Please contact a licensed expert or medical professional in your state to get a specific diagnosis or treatment for any medical, mental, or emotional health conditions.