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Sticker Charts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sticker Charts for Children

All kids love stickers and when they're combined with sticker charts they provide a powerful parenting tool that can motivate kids to improve behavior,and help with chores. Stickers, which matching the chart theme, print after the chart. Print them on plain sticker stock you can buy at the store, or cut them out and glue stick them on. For hundreds more chart styles, be sure to check out our behavior chart category which includes everything from cars to princess themes. Also great for preschoolers are our Progress Charts for toddlers.

10 Charts Available
Free Charts with Stickers
1. Free Charts with Stickers

Design your own chart for boys (or girls who also like trucks) by Kid Pointz is perfect for keeping track of chores, behavior, school work and much much more! This chart has a brown background with trucks to keep your little on track with you...

Free Sticker Chart
2. Free Sticker Chart

What kid doesn't want a jar full of candy? Use this free downloadable image to have fun with your candy lover...

Free Printable Sticker Charts
3. Free Printable Sticker Charts

This sticker chart has a hreat use for kids to use as part of an incentives program in order to give them an objective to reach for...

Free Sticker Charts
4. Free Sticker Charts

One thing that may kids like the use of stickers...

Sticker Charts for Children
5. Sticker Charts for Children

Every child loves stickers and every parent loves teaching their child independence and responsibility so why not use sticker charts to keep track of their progress? By using these charts with stickers, your child will be able to have a little fun after their chores and good deeds by picking out their favorite sticker to place on their chart for their actions...

Charts for Children: Stickers
6. Charts for Children: Stickers

Fun charts for children can be used for everything from chores to special events that the family might have during the week...

Printable Charts with Stickers
7. Printable Charts with Stickers

If you are a parent, it is highly recommended that you print out some behavioral charts, reading charts and chore charts for your children to have around the house...

Sticker Chart
8. Sticker Chart

Are you a teacher that is in need of action to motivate your students or want your students to make goals for themselves that they can reach? Well, you have come to the right place because KidPointz has a star chart just for you and all of your student needs...

Sticker Behavior Chart for Kids
9. Sticker Behavior Chart for Kids

These sticker behavior charts are the perfect addition to any child's daily routine...

Behavior Chart with Stickers
10. Behavior Chart with Stickers

Making sure children are well behaved is one of the most important things parents want to instill into their kids...