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Sticker Charts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sticker Charts for Children

All kids love stickers and when they're combined with sticker charts they provide a powerful parenting tool that can motivate kids to improve behavior,and help with chores. Stickers, which matching the chart theme, print after the chart. Print them on plain sticker stock you can buy at the store, or cut them out and glue stick them on. For hundreds more chart styles, be sure to check out our behavior chart category which includes everything from cars to princess themes. Also great for preschoolers are our Progress Charts for toddlers.

10 Charts Available
1. Free Charts with Stickers

Teaching kids responsibility will be a breeze when you use our free charts with stickers. These free printables will let you and your little ones monitor their progress as they earn points good towards new stickers. Staying motivated is key in learning good behaviors, and kids who love stickers will certainly be excited to earn more!

2. Free Sticker Chart

Teaching good behavior requires some sort of incentive, and our free sticker charts are just the thing to get your kids excited about behaving well! Award them points for doing their chores and other obligations and let them cash the points in for their favorite stickers at the end of the week! The free sticker charts can help them track their progress and stay excited about their accomplishments!

3. Free Printable Sticker Charts

Free printable sticker charts can be just what you need to teach your kids to do their homework and their chores. For everything they accomplish assign them a point and, at the end of the week, allow them to trade in their points for new stickers! Kid Pointz online provides point systems and sticker designs to make the process easier on parents.

4. Free Sticker Charts

Free sticker charts are valuable teaching tools for parents looking to enforce good behavior. With a place to keep up with their progress and earn points for new stickers or a certificate, kids can’t help but get excited! A positive discipline technique, you may find that our charts are just what you need to help your children learn proper behavior.

5. Sticker Charts for Children

If you are trying to teach your kids life lessons, sticker charts for children may prove highly valuable. Kids love stickers and these free printables allow them to use and earn their favorites, in addition to earning fun certificates and other rewards from the Kid Pointz website! These sticker charts may be just the thing to keep your kids motivated to learn.

6. Charts for Children: Stickers

Charts for children are the perfect way to teach your little ones important life lessons, and our sticker charts are a great motivation for kids that love stickers. Help your children keep up with their good behavior and award them points that they can use toward new stickers or certificates on the Kid Pointz website!

7. Printable Charts with Stickers

Charts are a great way to reward your children for good behavior. With Kid Pointz charts, you can access free printable charts with stickers that will motivate your kids to achieve their goals! With stickers as a reward, your children will track their progress all week. When the time comes for them to cash in you and your kids can visit Kid Pointz online and print fun stickers!

8. Sticker Chart

What kids don’t love stickers? And what parents don’t want to teach their children responsibility and good behavior? With our printable sticker charts you can both encourage your child’s love for stickers and teach them great behavior! When paired with the Kid Pointz website, offering stickers as a reward for upholding their responsibilities will help your children learn good behavior!

9. Sticker Behavior Chart for Kids

A sticker behavior chart for kids is one of the best ways to motivate children to behave well. These charts allow them to track their behavior day by day, accumulate points with every “good day” that they have, and trade those points in for new stickers at the end of the week. Kids will be excited to learn that Kid Pointz online has sticker designs they can print from home!

10. Behavior Chart with Stickers

Good behavior is something that every parent struggles to teach their kids, but our behavior chart with stickers can provide a fun and interactive way for your little ones to track their progress and earn new stickers! To make things even more exciting, Kid Pointz online offers great point systems and fun sticker designs, so you can print them out at home!