Points System

Behavior and Reward System for Kids

Use our Points System to Improve Your Kid's Behavior

Use our Points System to Improve Your Kid's Behavior

Improve and motivate good behaviors in your kids:

  • Get your kids to do their homework
  • Help out with chores
  • Reduce sibling rivalry
  • Eliminate daily power struggles

Take Your Charts to the Next Level

Take Your Charts to the Next Level

Our Points System takes your charts to the next level… online. It allows you to:

  • Set up rules, chores and behaviors that you want your kids to follow
  • Assign points for each
  • Print this info on customized charts
  • Track and monitor behavior
  • Provide rewards

…all with the click of a mouse!

A Positive Approach to Parenting

A Positive Approach to Parenting

Our Points System incorporates sound parenting principles:

  • Sets clear rules and expectations for behavior
  • Uses positive reinforcement to reward good behavior
  • Encourages good decision-making
  • Builds a sense of responsibility and accountability
  • Eliminates daily power struggles

Our free online points and rewards system is a powerful tool that can improve your child's behavior, reduce sibling rivalry, and motivate kids to do homework and chores. It's easy to use, simply award points to kids for good behavior and for completing chores and homework.  Be sure to also explore our behavior tools which compliement the reward system.

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Kids save points and exchange them for great rewards that you and your children select together. Be sure to check out the Kid Pointz store for great reward ideas. Or, if you prefer, you can offer non-monetary rewards from a list we provide when you use the points system.

The Points System in Action

Kid Pointz helps the Ollisons get their kids ready in the morning.
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  • Need help getting your kids ready in the morning? Watch »
  • Stop sibling rivalry. Watch »
  • Help for the teen attitude.Watch »

Use the points system with our Kid Pointz printable charts, and award certificates for a complete kids reward program. Our point and reward system can also be used at school to improve student behavior and as a fun way to reward kids for completing classroom responsibilities.

To further assist you as you implement a behavior system, Kid Pointz provides great advice on positive parenting techniques and child behavior issues through informative parenting articles and videos.

If after using our points and rewards system and other behavior resources, that you still need further assistance with a particular child behavior issue, then get expert advice and parent coaching from one of the Kid Pointz child behavior specialists.