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Journals for Kids

Journals to Help Kids

Journals are a great way to communicate and teach your children about a variety of topics such as the meaning of their dreams, how emotions affect them, what they are thankful for, how to relieve stress and more. Visit our activities section for ideas on how to use these journals with your tweens and teens.

Improve Behavior with Journals

Kids are reluctant to talk about a lot of topics with their parents, but journals have a way of making it easier to have a dialogue and find out what’s going on in their head.

5 Charts Available
Dream Journal
1. Dream Journal

Did you ever have a dream journal growing up? If you did have one, you probably already know about how exciting and fun it was to draw or even write down the dream that you had the night before...

Family Journal
2. Family Journal

As children get older, they may be reluctant to discuss certain things with their parents, however, to keep the lines of communication open, consider talking to your child about journaling...

Feelings and Emotions Journal
3. Feelings and Emotions Journal

Journaling is one of the best ways to keep track of one's feelings...

Gratitude Journal
4. Gratitude Journal

Making sure that your children are showing emotions and are properly expressing the way they feel is something that is very important to do as parents...

Stress Relief
5. Stress Relief

It is very common for us all to experience some sort of pressure at some point in our lives...