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Behavior Bucks

Behavior System Rewards for Kids

Behavior Bucks are a great physical reminder for kids of their progress and of the rewards for good behavior. By giving children something they can hold, count and spend you’re reinforcing that their efforts have value. As part of a behavior system or on their own, Behavior Bucks bring positive attention for good choices into a tangible currency kids can appreciate. You’ll find it easier to practice positive parenting, and children can literally see the benefits of making the right decisions day after day.

A Behavior Tool for Kids

Used as a behavior tool, rewarding good choices with recognition and credit, Behavior Bucks help kids see the progress toward their goals. Parents and children can decide together what the behavior goal and the associated rewards are; this gives kids a sense of empowerment and responsibility. Behavior tools are designed to make parents’ efforts more effective, when teaching children to be better behaved. Used by parenting experts with their own kids, Behavior Bucks are effective and simple to use. You’ll find it easy to incorporate a reward system into your daily life when armed with tools like behavior charts and Behavior Bucks. Parent smarter, not harder!

9 Charts Available
1. Dolphin Dollars

These cute & colorful dolphin dollars will encourage your child to use good behavior. Set up a rewards system for your young child and let them redeem their printed dolphin money to "buy" their reward. As a bonus, kids learn about the value of money and how they have to earn it before they can spend it, and teaches them that hard work is rewarded!

2. Checks Behavior Bucks

Any behavior program can benefit from Checks Behavior Bucks, because they add a physical record of progress and recognition for kids. As good choices are made, the steps toward the agreed-upon reward are clear. Too many times kids give up because they don’t get positive attention for their good behavior. Show them you appreciate their efforts with Behavior Bucks and you’ll have a behavior program that gets faster results!

3. Dino Dollars

Kids love dinosaur games, and these cute dino dollar rewards will help you motivate your child to use good behavior while having fun playing a game. Set up great rewards for your young child and let them redeem their printed dinosaur money to "buy" their reward. Rewards can be non-monetary, such as stay up 15 min late, bake cookies with mom, or whatever reward idea you can create.

4. Fun Kids Design Behavior Bucks

Improving child behavior can be a long road with ups and downs, so finding a tool to make it easier is important. Go with something that’s used by parents and experts alike, and that saves you precious time. Fun Kids Design Behavior Bucks add track-ability to any kids reward system, and children feel better about the progress they’re making. You’ll see better child behavior sooner because kids will have visible recognition for their good choices.

5. High Five Behavior Bucks

Give recognition for behavior charts successes with these printable High Five Behavior Bucks. Use them to help kids have a better understanding of their progress, and so kids can watch their “credit” build for completing behavior charts. As children keep up the good choices, they’re working toward the predetermined reward. Print out Behavior Bucks today for a faster path to better behaved kids!

6. Kids Dinosaur Behavior Bucks

Dinosaurs and kids have always had a great relationship. Use these "dino dollars" to motivate your child to use great behavior. Setup rewards which your child can redeem with their dinosaur styled behavior bucks. If behavior is a challenge, turn your behavior into a great kids game with dinosaur dollars!

7. Safari Animal Behavior Bucks

Child behavior systems may use different methods, but one aspect is key: Giving kids positive feedback when they make the right choice. This is an integral part of positive parenting. As children’s attention spans are short though, they need a visual reminder of their progress. These Safari Animal Behavior Bucks make a perfect reward and tracking method, used alone or as part of an effective behavior system.

8. Sealife Behavior Bucks

Trying to improve student behavior can be hard at times, but sticking to proven techniques really helps. It’s important to give attention to the good choices kids make, encouraging them to continue the choices through positive reinforcement. Using Sealife Behavior Bucks gives you a simple, track-able way to show children that you notice they are trying. Kids like the feedback about their progress, and you’ll love the improved student behavior!

9. Star Behavior Bucks

Good classroom behavior is important for both teachers and kids, to make sure things run smoothly and that all children have the chance to learn. Using positive reinforcement works best, because kids thrive on the attention. You’ll find it easy to encourage good choices when using Star Behavior Bucks, and kids will enjoy having a physical reminder of their progress. Watch classroom behavior improve before you know it!