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Behavior Bucks

Behavior System Rewards for Kids

Behavior Bucks are a great physical reminder for kids of their progress and of the rewards for good behavior. By giving children something they can hold, count and spend you’re reinforcing that their efforts have value. As part of a behavior system or on their own, Behavior Bucks bring positive attention for good choices into a tangible currency kids can appreciate. You’ll find it easier to practice positive parenting, and children can literally see the benefits of making the right decisions day after day.

A Behavior Tool for Kids

Used as a behavior tool, rewarding good choices with recognition and credit, Behavior Bucks help kids see the progress toward their goals. Parents and children can decide together what the behavior goal and the associated rewards are; this gives kids a sense of empowerment and responsibility. Behavior tools are designed to make parents’ efforts more effective, when teaching children to be better behaved. Used by parenting experts with their own kids, Behavior Bucks are effective and simple to use. You’ll find it easy to incorporate a reward system into your daily life when armed with tools like behavior charts and Behavior Bucks. Parent smarter, not harder!

9 Charts Available
Dolphin Dollars
1. Dolphin Dollars

If you would like to start implementing allowances for your children, but believe that they are still too young to really grasp the idea of how to handle money, you can give them dolphin dollars! Dolphin dollars can be the same thing except it is fake money...

Checks Behavior Bucks
2. Checks Behavior Bucks

We all love receiving positive reinforcement for doing well, and kids are no different...

Dino Dollars
3. Dino Dollars

Does your child love T-rex? Are triceratops tops in your kids book? If your child loves dinosaurs then your little one will enjoy these free downloadable and printable dinosaur dollars...

Fun Kids Design Behavior Bucks
4. Fun Kids Design Behavior Bucks

If you are in the process of teaching your children about behavior and chores, this short article will definitely be one that will be interesting to you...

High Five Behavior Bucks
5. High Five Behavior Bucks

The child that does a good job and accomplishes a task on time and correctly, deserves to be rewarded...

Kids Dinosaur Behavior Bucks
6. Kids Dinosaur Behavior Bucks

Do you have a kid in your house that loves dinosaurs? You can use these fun dinosaur bucks to motivate your dino fan...

Safari Animal Behavior Bucks
7. Safari Animal Behavior Bucks

The lion buck means we did a great job on our work! Just like a powerful lion is super strong, our work is super great...

Sealife Behavior Bucks
8. Sealife Behavior Bucks

The process of teaching a child proper behavior and then reinforcing that behavior is a common theme in the parent/child relationship...

Star Behavior Bucks
9. Star Behavior Bucks

Money is what makes the world go around...