Behavior Bucks

Behavior System Rewards for Kids

Behavior Bucks are a great physical reminder for kids of their progress and of the rewards for good behavior. By giving children something they can hold, count and spend you’re reinforcing that their efforts have value. As part of a behavior system or on their own, Behavior Bucks bring positive attention for good choices into a tangible currency kids can appreciate. You’ll find it easier to practice positive parenting, and children can literally see the benefits of making the right decisions day after day.

  • Behavior Tool

    Dolphin Dollars

    Turn good behavior into a fun activity for children. Reward children with cute and colorful Dolphin Dollars for their good behavior! Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Checks Behavior Bucks

    Added to your behavior program, Checks Behavior Bucks will improve your track-ability and bring results more quickly. Have better-behaved kids sooner than you think with this free behavior tool! Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Dino Dollars

    Kids love dinosaur games, and these cute dino dollar rewards will help you motivate your child to use good behavior while having fun playing a game. Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Fun Kids Design Behavior Bucks

    See improved child behavior in less time with effective Fun Kids Design Behavior Bucks. Children love getting the credit they deserve for their good choices, and you’ll have better behaved kids! Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    High Five Behavior Bucks

    Make behavior charts even more effective by giving kids proof of their accomplishments right in their hands. Print out and use High Five Behavior Bucks to get kids behaving better, sooner! Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Kids Dinosaur Behavior Bucks

    Kids love dinosaurs. Turn behavior into a dinosaur game and set up rewards with these cute "dino dollars." Kids can redeem their dinosaur behavior bucks for rewards you set up. Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Safari Animal Behavior Bucks

    Make any child behavior system more effective with Safari Animal Behavior Bucks. Kids get positive attention after doing the desired action, and they have a physical token of being on the right path. Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Sealife Behavior Bucks

    Good student behavior makes the whole classroom experience better, meaning more opportunities in school and life. Use these Sealife Behavior Bucks to easily track and reward students’ good choices. Read more »

  • Behavior Tool

    Star Behavior Bucks

    Have better classroom behavior in less time by using these easy to implement Star Behavior Bucks. Kids appreciate the positive feedback and having a tangible confirmation of their good choices. Read more »

  • A Behavior Tool for Kids

    Used as a behavior tool, rewarding good choices with recognition and credit, Behavior Bucks help kids see the progress toward their goals. Parents and children can decide together what the behavior goal and the associated rewards are; this gives kids a sense of empowerment and responsibility. Behavior tools are designed to make parents’ efforts more effective, when teaching children to be better behaved. Used by parenting experts with their own kids, Behavior Bucks are effective and simple to use. You’ll find it easy to incorporate a reward system into your daily life when armed with tools like behavior charts and Behavior Bucks. Parent smarter, not harder!