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Behavior Contracts

Parenting Behavior Contracts

Behavior contracts are great to use in conjunction with our printable charts. Contracts help parents spell out expectations, rewards and consequences. This parenting tool can be used for general behavior issues such allowances, chores, pet care, kids online internet safety, child cell phone use and more.

Improve Child Behavior

Even the best children need some structure and discipline. Parents can be serious and fun at the same while improving the behavior of a child. Our creatively designed agreements are great help for parents looking to clearly outline the behaviors they expect from their kids. Chores and allowance are the most common problems parents think of when it comes to behavior contracts, but there are many more behavior challenges that can benefit from a well written contract. With this parenting tool, in conjunction with other free printable charts, and our points system, you can motivate your child to become a better student in the classroom, get homework done on time without an argument, and regulate computer use and help them achieve their goals.