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Behavior Contracts

Parenting Behavior Contracts

Behavior contracts are great to use in conjunction with our printable charts. Contracts help parents spell out expectations, rewards and consequences. This parenting tool can be used for general behavior issues such allowances, chores, pet care, kids online internet safety, child cell phone use and more.

Improve Child Behavior

Even the best children need some structure and discipline. Parents can be serious and fun at the same while improving the behavior of a child. Our creatively designed agreements are great help for parents looking to clearly outline the behaviors they expect from their kids. Chores and allowance are the most common problems parents think of when it comes to behavior contracts, but there are many more behavior challenges that can benefit from a well written contract. With this parenting tool, in conjunction with other free printable charts, and our points system, you can motivate your child to become a better student in the classroom, get homework done on time without an argument, and regulate computer use and help them achieve their goals.

23 Charts Available
Allowance Contract
1. Allowance Contract

Many parents give their children an allowance for several different reasons...

Allowance Contract with Responsibilities
2. Allowance Contract with Responsibilities

As your children start to grow up, you are probably trying to find different ways to help them learn how to manage their money and how to properly spend it as well...

Behavior Contract: Elementary Schoolers
3. Behavior Contract: Elementary Schoolers

The positive behavioral model is a good way to reinforce and instill a good attitude in developing children...

Behavior Contract: Tweens and Teens
4. Behavior Contract: Tweens and Teens

If you are a parent to a teenager or two teenagers, you probably already know how hard and difficult it can be at times...

Cell Phone Contract
5. Cell Phone Contract

Giving your child a cell phone is a huge responsibility and it is also a price...

Curfew Contract
6. Curfew Contract

Discipline is one of the most important things that you will have to learn how to teach your children...

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Contract
7. Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Contract

If you have teenagers, you are probably already aware about all of the bad influences and the peer pressure that they have to go through every single day...

General Behavior Contract
8. General Behavior Contract

Giving children to be well behaved can be difficult for any parent or teacher...

General Behavior Contract for Kids
9. General Behavior Contract for Kids

How do you generally discipline your children? Whether or not you discipline your children a certain way, it all comes down to the type of parent that you are and what you believe in...

Goal Tracking Contract
10. Goal Tracking Contract

As you probably already know, keeping track of your goals is important and something that you need to start doing with your children...

Homework Contract
11. Homework Contract

Any child dreads having to do the homework once they are home from school...

Parent,Child and Friends Agreement
12. Parent,Child and Friends Agreement

Having some sort of parents and child agreement is something that is recommended by many psychologists and therapists...

Parent-Teacher-Student Contract
13. Parent-Teacher-Student Contract

If you have a child who struggles in school, it is important that you stay calm and that you do not yell or make the situation even worse with your child...

Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities Agreement
14. Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities Agreement

The extra-curricular participation agreement is a simple contract between you and your child...

Pet Care Contract - Young Children
15. Pet Care Contract - Young Children

It's a big change when you welcome a new pet into the family, and you want to make sure your child understands the responsibility they now have...

Pet Care Contract for Cats
16. Pet Care Contract for Cats

Getting an animal for a pet is a very popular thing for a child to want...

Pet Care Contract for Cats – Design 2
17. Pet Care Contract for Cats – Design 2

Pet ownership is always a significant commitment, and more often than not, though children agree to be responsible for loving and caring for their pets, that responsibility ends up falling on the parent’s shoulders...

Pet Care Contract for Dogs – Design 1
18. Pet Care Contract for Dogs – Design 1

Having a pet as a young child can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable things to ever happen...

Pet Care Contract for Dogs – Design 2
19. Pet Care Contract for Dogs – Design 2

Having a pet can be very exciting as well as enjoyable...

Pet Care Contract for Kids
20. Pet Care Contract for Kids

If you were thinking about getting a pet for your children, it is very important that do you have a talk with them before hand...

Positive Sibling Engagement Contract
21. Positive Sibling Engagement Contract

Promoting good behavior within our children is something that we as parents must do...

Self-Control Contract
22. Self-Control Contract

As parents, it is very important that we are doing our job and that we are making sure that we are teaching our children all about expectations...

Technology Use Contract
23. Technology Use Contract

Although technology has taken over our world and our daily life, it is still very important that we as parents are making sure that we are in control of how much technology our children are using on a regular basis...