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Reward Stickers for Kids

Reward Stickers

Rewards are a great way to motivate a child to improve their behavior. Stickers are a popular reward for kids to receive when they achieve a goal, do chores or behave well. Recommended Article: 6 Steps to Create Successful Reward Plans.

Reward Little Ones

Rewards are a great way to turn the behavior of a child into good habits. Rewards motivate children to change behavior and to do tasks that don't interest them. Rewards are usually used in combination with a chart to track behaviors. Chore charts are great to divvy up household tasks, and printable kid behavior charts work well for specific behaviors. When your child uses the behavior you wish, you can either award them points, or a token representation such as a tickets. Some parents use stickers as rewards that the kids put on their chart and then a larger reward is provided when the chart is complete.