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Turtle Stickers

Turtle  Stickers

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These bright colorful turtle stickers are great motivational rewards for young animal lovers. Encourage appropriate behavior by responding with positive feedback. I give these attractive stickers to my children to stick on charts so they may record the completion of a task or chore. Stickers also work well as a stand-alone reward. There are five smiling turtles of each bright color, blue, orange, green, red, yellow, and purple. The bright colors can be used to help your youngest learners in the household identify colors. Pair these with the matching snail stickers for a shelled animal theme. Hand out snail and turtle stickers after finishing a homeschooling lesson on reptiles or univalves. Turtle images could also be used in art projects and collages. The sticker sheet also contains five additional bright stickers offering praise for a job well done. Reward positive behavior and chores well done with colorful positive tangible rewards. The text on the additional five stickers say GREAT JOB, TERRIFIC, AWESOME!, OUTSTANDING, and YOURE [sic] THE BEST!. Texted sticker images are square. The sheet of Turtle stickers contains 35 printable stickers in all.