Science Activities for Kids

Fun Science Activities That are Safe and Easy

Our fun science activities for kids will provide hours of learning enjoyment for your children, safely allowing their curious minds to explore different science experiments and projects. Parents and teachers like the structure provided by the easy to follow steps in each activity; kids love the hands-on aspect and the discoveries they make. Choose from earth science activities for kids, environmental science activities, and many more. They help you encourage curiosity today, instilling knowledge for life.  Be sure to try our science worksheets to log and track your activities.

  • boy playing in rain

    Ant Behavior

    In this simple experiment, kids can witness ant behavior in the wild. They’ll get to interact with the ants in a safe and fun way, and ultimately experience science in action!

  • apple experiment

    Apple Dunk

    What makes an apple turn brown when you leave it exposed to the open air? Show your kids the answer with this fun experiment!

  • boy with telescope

    Astronomy Pictures

    This fun science activity for kids will teach your toddlers about the universe and its many components.

  • balloon on bottle experiement

    Ballons and Co2

    Kids love watching chemical reactions. This fun science experiment for kids allows them to observe the power that such reactions can have.

  • kids watching bird

    Bird Watching

    During this activity, kids can learn more about local wildlife, and appreciate nature while searching the skies for beautiful birds!

  • bottles and water projects

    Bottle Music

    Kids love music, and making music is even more fun than listening to it! This science activity will show your kids the different sounds that plastic and glass make.

Fun and Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Get easy science experiments for kids that allow them to practice what they’re learning in school. Help your young scientist fully understand concepts by letting them do the experiments hands-on. Insight that comes from exploration and discovery leads to a stronger grasp of the lessons-learned. Our fun science experiments for kids are safe, and each includes detailed instructions. Find a science project for kids based on age-appropriate concepts, from earth science to chemistry. With easy to find ingredients and clearly defined lessons, our science activities make it simple to help young minds flourish. Teaching through these engaging experiments for kids improves your relationship with them, and can turn into a lifelong love of science.