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Our Free Kids Activities and expert-recommended family crafts provide hours of entertainment and learning for children of all grade levels. Get fun activities for kids that they'll enjoy doing, and you can feel confident knowing the games are designed to reinforce positive behaviors. You"ll find that our sharing and trust activities teach children effectively in the classroom or the home. Learn ideas from parenting experts on healthy nutrition activities for kids, and family friendly crafts for that rainy day inside too.

Fun Activities and Family Crafts

You can do family fun crafts and play educational kids activities today, without investing in expensive games or systems. Our free kids and family activity resources provide unique, effective ideas that are recommended by parenting experts, and they"re easy to use. There are step by step instructions for everything from kindergarten activities and manners activities, to trust and peer pressure activities, and ideas for kids of all ages. Children learn both creativity and important behavior lessons with family fun crafts. Kid Pointz activities for kids were created as a great way for children to have fun and to reinforce positive actions. Instead of another afternoon of children watching TV, instill lasting lessons with these fun activities today!

These kindergarten activities are effective either at home or in the classroom, because they combine age-appropriate lessons with playtime fun and crafts. Designed by our parenting experts to be simple and straight forward, the kids activities below have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. They teach kindergarten age children important tools for life, like sharing and following a bedtime routine, through engaging behavior and daily routine activities. Now your time with kids can be doubly rewarding!

To help your child improve communication skills by learning to identify both verbal and non-verbal cues in others. This activity encourages your child to build an internal frame of reference for interacting socially with both adults and peers.

To help your child use metaphors to describe challenging situations in his or her life, which assists in developing a deeper understanding of problems, as well as finding solutions. Using metaphors can also bring humor to difficult situations.

First take the red poster board and cut it for the kids in strips that they can fold in half to cut out their Valentines. The children can cut a heart or fold the red poster board in half and on the folded edge have you teach them how to cut a heart shape.

To foster communication and family bonding while incorporating an atmosphere of fun.

Follow the Leader is a fun game that your little ones will request time and time again! This outdoor activity for kids teaches children to follow an example. As a result, they will be better able to follow examples that you set and sharpen their observation skills.

Children test their limits through a desire to assert their independence and control their environment. This activity allows you to use limit setting to teach, rather than punish. When confronted with a power struggle involving your child, it is important to offer choices with consequences.

Plate tectonics is an important idea to grasp in middle school science. This fun and delicious science activity for kids will show your children how plate tectonics work while allowing them to enjoy a candy bar treat.

Learning colors is a big milestone for most preschoolers, so make it fun and interesting by printing a free Colors Worksheet. This worksheet displays squares of the basic colors that include red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange. The worksheet, however, takes it a step further and shows what happens when colors are mixed. Your preschooler will not only learn their basic colors, but they are going to learn how different colors are made when mixed. Make sure to grab the crayons when working on learning colors, and use them to reinforce what the colors look like. Now that you have learned some basic colors, head outside with chalk or paint, and see what other colors can be made, because, after all, playtime is the best way to learn. Keep this sheet next to the arts and crafts area, so your preschooler can continue to reference it when coloring or painting. Once your preschooler masters their basic colors, move them onto other colors and combinations by either adding to the worksheet to include colors such as black and brown or have the child make a new chart to include the new colors that they have learned to create and recognize.