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Activities for Kids and Families

Our Free Kids Activities and expert-recommended family crafts provide hours of entertainment and learning for children of all grade levels. Get fun activities for kids that they'll enjoy doing, and you can feel confident knowing the games are designed to reinforce positive behaviors. You"ll find that our sharing and trust activities teach children effectively in the classroom or the home. Learn ideas from parenting experts on healthy nutrition activities for kids, and family friendly crafts for that rainy day inside too.

Fun Activities and Family Crafts

You can do family fun crafts and play educational kids activities today, without investing in expensive games or systems. Our free kids and family activity resources provide unique, effective ideas that are recommended by parenting experts, and they"re easy to use. There are step by step instructions for everything from kindergarten activities and manners activities, to trust and peer pressure activities, and ideas for kids of all ages. Children learn both creativity and important behavior lessons with family fun crafts. Kid Pointz activities for kids were created as a great way for children to have fun and to reinforce positive actions. Instead of another afternoon of children watching TV, instill lasting lessons with these fun activities today!

Most kids will do anything to get out of brushing their teeth, especially when there is always something more exciting to do. This activity will help motivate your child to brush, promoting good oral hygiene and making your nighttime routine much easier.

To encourage your child's involvement in taking care of his or her bedroom and help develop respect and appreciation for personal belongings.

To teach your child to appreciate his or her amazing body and develop a deeper understanding of physical capabilities.

Car trips are an essential part of family vacation, a day at a theme park, and other fun events. But kids don’t always understand that they are worth the hassle. In fact, they get bored very easily—and complaints from the backseat can easily create stress and put a dark cloud over an otherwise great day. To prevent your kids from succumbing to boredom, try this fun activities box!

To create loving and positive messages about your family to enjoy.

Follow the Leader is a fun game that your little ones will request time and time again! This outdoor activity for kids teaches children to follow an example. As a result, they will be better able to follow examples that you set and sharpen their observation skills.

Children test their limits through a desire to assert their independence and control their environment. This activity allows you to use limit setting to teach, rather than punish. When confronted with a power struggle involving your child, it is important to offer choices with consequences.

In some ways, ants are a lot like humans. That is, they tend to have a particular place they’re going, and they can keep track of their destination. They know what turns to take, they can remember where to walk and where to avoid, and they always find their way back home. Observing ant behavior is a fun and easy way for kids to learn about how animals (and especially insects) act. This experiment also provides a safe way for kids to involve themselves in the activity and see if they can influence the ants’ behavior.

This fun colors project worksheet is perfect to teach colors to your preschooler.  It can also be used to help teach kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders about color combining.    Use this worksheet in combination with our Making Colors or Dyed Ice Science Activities.