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Community Service Certificates

Teaching our kids responsibility to others and the community is an important part of parenting and raising your children. When your child completes their volunteer work or project, you can use these free printable certificates to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Helping others is an important lesson to instill in our kids. Involving them in community service projects is a great way for children to learn how their efforts can positively impact other people and their neighborhood. Awarding our free community service certificates to your kid will further increase their sense of pride and accomplishment for the help they provide to others.

5 Charts Available
Community Service Award
1. Community Service Award

This certificate for Community Service is a wonderful form of recognition when you worked so hard to collaborate and create something that made the world a better place...

Service Award Template
2. Service Award Template

This chart can be used to keep track of any services you and you child might do during the week which might include helping any family members with tasks they cant finish or do themselves, volunteering at local shelters, volunteering at your local food pantry, raising money for charities, as well as any fundraisers you and your child might participate in...

Template for Certificate: Community
3. Template for Certificate: Community

Sometimes kids have a hard time realizing that there is a big world outside the front door, but one way to teach the child about the community is to do volunteer work and service the community in which you live...

Community Service Certificate
4. Community Service Certificate

Opportunities arise every day to learn, grow, and be of service, whether it's through lending a hand in large-scale projects, quietly listening and offering comfort, or simply sharing a friendly and reassuring smile...

Printable Service Award
5. Printable Service Award

Good community service needs to be rewarded, and when your child helps society, grant them our certificate as their prize...