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If you're looking for expert advice on child behavior and great parenting tips to help you successfully raise happy and well behaved kids, then our library of informative articles is the perfect resource.

Our parenting articles and videos cover a wide range of topics for many age groups, including positive parenting, peer pressure, bullies and classroom behavior. There's even information on potty training for younger kids.

Many of the topics in our parenting articles feature interviews of child behavior experts providing valuable information and techniques for you to use. These parenting tips are designed to be effective and easy to integrate into your busy day.

To further support you, Kid Pointz provides free printable charts and behavior tools that can be used with the information presented in our parenting articles. For school related issues, Kid Pointz also provides information and resources for student behavior and homework.

These parenting articles contain useful tips and researched information to help with preschoolers and kindergarteners: from bedtime to reading, and how to potty train too!

These parenting articles contain useful tips from the experts. Help for problems like peer pressure and bullies, which often start when kids are in elementary school.

These parenting articles help you teach your teenager/tween how to deal with bullies, healthy eating, and peer pressure. Learn which parenting styles work best for behavior problems

Find out what the experts have to say about a variety of hot parenting and child behavior topics with our library of in-depth parenting videos. You'll discover valuable parenting tips to help handle family stress and learn the facts about how to deal with picky eaters, bullies, cyber-bullying, and sibling rivalry. There's even an interview with an expert on potty training toddlers or preschoolers.