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Moving to the Big Kid Bed

Some kids view moving out of the crib to a toddler or twin bed a fun adventure. Others act like it's a punishment and greet the whole process with anxiety and fear. Before you introduce the idea of moving to the big bed, think about these parenting tips that may make the move a lot easier for you and your child.

Timing for the Big Kid Bed

Most kids transition from the crib to the big bed between 1 ½ and 3 ½. Many times, your child that signals when she is ready by consistently climbing out of her crib. But, don't let climbing be the only reason you introduce the big kid bed. Wait and see what happens first. Consistent climbing is a good reason, but climbing out of the crib once or twice doesn't necessarily mean she's ready to make the move. Talking about it It's never a good idea to sneak a new bed in as a surprise. Talk to your child about the new adventure and sound him out to see if he's ready. If he's not ready, wait. There's no reason to force the issue. To help him get used to the idea, talk about friends and family members that have transitioned to the big bed. Read stories about big-kid beds.

Planning for the Big Kid Bed

Once your child accepts the idea of the big bed, make him a part of the planning. Look in magazines for bed styles he might like. Take him with you to look at beds and bedding. Do the best you can to accommodate his likes and dislikes. When the time comes, remove the crib from the room and set up the toddler or twin bed in the same position. Keep the blankets, toys, and pillows from the crib and place them on the new bed so your child has something familiar to cuddle with.

Big Kid Bed Party

Kids who are resisting the idea of a big bed may need a bit of extra nudging. Invite some friends and family over for a Big Kid Bed Party and celebrate the transition. Your child will love being the center of attention. Many experts say that it's the firstborn child that has the most trouble transitioning from the crib to the big-kid bed. Subsequent children may transition easier because they want to be more like an older brother or sister.