Homework Charts: Weekly Assignments

Student Homework Chart

These printable homework charts let your kids list their assignments, quizzes and tests for each day of the week. Homework charts are a great way for kids to know what is expected of them and help children to stay organized and prepared for upcoming tests.

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  1. School Supplies Weekly HW Chart
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  2. Colored Pencils Weekly HW Chart
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  3. Chalkboard Weekly HW Chart
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  4. Textbook Weekly HW Chart
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Improve Grades and Organize Students

Even the most organized child can be overwhelmed when they transition into middle or high school where they suddenly have multiple classes with multiple teachers and all kids of assignments due throughout the week. Help your child to stay on top of what assignments are due when with this free printable weekly homework chart. Help your child to review their chart nightly to make sure they have recorded all their assignments, and know what is due for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Watch their self-esteem grow as they realize they can succeed at getting all their work done and turned in on time.