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Reading Charts for Kids

Charts for Reading

Good reading skills are an important part of every child's education. All kids need to be consistent with their reading, regardless of their age. Our reading charts are the perfect solution for both home and school. Make reading fun by setting up a point system with great rewards.

11 Charts Available
Children Reading Charts
1. Children Reading Charts

Reading can take you anywhere...

Printable Reading Charts
2. Printable Reading Charts

Teaching a child to read is a lifelong accomplishment that will forever benefit your child...

Children Reading
3. Children Reading

Reading is an important foundation of education and to help make reading fun, Kidpointz, points you and your children in the right direction to foster and expand a love for reading and learning, while in both the home and in the school system, with the assistance of trackable and printable reading charts...

Reading Help for Children
4. Reading Help for Children

If your children is an elementary, it is very important that you are taking the time to teach your children how to read and how to improve their vocabulary skills...

Children and Reading
5. Children and Reading

Reading is the single most important key to opening so many doors for children, and reading charts are a great tool that helps parents and kids create organizational skills and to motivate, but also, enhances building self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments...

Child Reading Charts
6. Child Reading Charts

During the summer, great way to keep your children reading and stay up-to-date with all of the reading skills, is purchasing a reading chart that you can have at home...

Reading Charts for Kids
7. Reading Charts for Kids

One of the hardest lessons for children to learn is organization, however, with a free printable reading chart, children can take the responsibility of keeping their assignments organized...

Child Reading Chart
8. Child Reading Chart

The importance of this chart is to help you keep track of books, magazines, stories or any other types of reading materials your child is interested in, that they have read either during the week or in a day depending on the size of the book or the topic of the book...

Printables: Reading Chart
9. Printables: Reading Chart

Getting children to read in both the household and the classroom can be a difficult task...

Reading Charts
10. Reading Charts

As you already probably know, having a reading chart in your home is very important because reading is a sensual and crucial for your children to grow cognitively...

Free Printable Reading Chart
11. Free Printable Reading Chart

Getting children to read can be a difficult task...