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Star Charts for Kids: One Child

Star Chart for Child

Children enjoy receiving a star for a job well done. Our free star charts allow your kid to earn a star sticker each time they achieve their goal. Once they fill the star chart, provide your child with a special reward of your choice.

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Free Charts with Stars
1. Free Charts with Stars

Usually, when you think of reward charts, you think of behavioral or chore charts for younger kids, however, your teen can also benefit from having a reward chart...

Star Behavior Chart for Kids
2. Star Behavior Chart for Kids

The star chart is a great way to reward positive behaviors in children...

Star Charts for Children
3. Star Charts for Children

As a parent, it is your duty to teach your child responsibility which consists of doing chores around the house and practicing good behavior in and outside of the home...

Printable Charts with Stars
4. Printable Charts with Stars

If you and your significant other are searching for ways to keep track of chores for your child or good behavior, there is no greater way to do it then by using printable charts with stars...

Charts for Children: Stars
5. Charts for Children: Stars

Star charts are a great way to obtain a reward system for children...

Star Behavior Chart
6. Star Behavior Chart

Are you a teacher that needs to motivate students to be in good behavior? Well, here's a star chart that can be used to help your students achieve star status! The chart comes with a 4 x 7 calendar that runs from Monday to Sunday...

Free Kids Star Chart
7. Free Kids Star Chart

This chart will allow you to teach your child or teenager in an extremely positive way that allows you to teach them about rewards and responsibility...

Free Printable Star Charts
8. Free Printable Star Charts

Getting a child to learn something or do something can be difficult...

Behavior Chart with Stars
9. Behavior Chart with Stars

This chart allows you to customize and write down your fitness focus during the week...

Free Star Charts
10. Free Star Charts