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Star Charts for Kids: One Child

Star Chart for Child

Children enjoy receiving a star for a job well done. Our free star charts allow your kid to earn a star sticker each time they achieve their goal. Once they fill the star chart, provide your child with a special reward of your choice.

10 Charts Available
1. Free Charts with Stars

Every only child needs some motivation to behave properly, especially without siblings to compete with. When using our free charts with stars, though, your teen can attempt to constantly improve behavior and earn stars, which can be turned in for a great reward! Positive parenting at its finest, these start charts will keep your kids motivated!

2. Star Behavior Chart for Kids

When teaching an only child how to behave our star behavior chart for kids may come in handy. As a guide to help your little one determine how well they are doing, the charts will allow you to award stars for good behavior. At the end of the week your child can exchange the full chart for a reward, perhaps a certificate or other fun item from our website!

3. Star Charts for Children

Star charts for children are the perfect way to get your little one excited about finishing their homework and doing their chores! As a source of great motivation and a tool for positive parenting, our star charts will keep your child looking forward to behaving well and earning rewards from the Kid Pointz website!

4. Printable Charts with Stars

If your kids love getting attention for good behavior then our printable charts with stars is the perfect positive parenting tool for your household! As your kids master great behavior they will earn stars to put on their chart. At the end of the week, if their chart is full, they can trade it in for a certificate or other fun reward on the Kid Pointz website!

5. Charts for Children: Stars

Charts for children are a great way to keep kids on the path to behavioral success. Our free printable star charts will keep your little one excited about behaving well and earning stars! After filling up a week’s worth of stars, reward your child with a certificate or other fun prize from the Kid Pointz website.

6. Star Behavior Chart

Everyone likes getting a star for a job well done, and with our star behavior charts you can use stars to motivate your kids to do their homework, finish their chores, and enforce other good behaviors. All of our printable charts come with a sheet of stars that can be printed onto labels at home, making the process convenient.

7. Free Kids Star Chart

With a free kids star chart you can encourage your children to behave well in order to cash in their full charts for a certificate or other reward on our website! These charts will help you parent in a positive way while motivating your kids to be on their best behavior! Once they have completed all of their responsibilities for the week let them enjoy their reward!

8. Free Printable Star Charts

Being a great parent takes more than just patience and hard work—it requires the right tools. Our free printable star charts have become invaluable to many parents who are incorporating positive teaching techniques and may turn out to be the best incentive for your kids! With these free printables, your little ones will earn stars and trade them in for fun rewards on our website!

9. Behavior Chart with Stars

Even teens need some motivation to behave well, which is why our behavior chart with stars is great for all ages! Stars can be collected over the week and then turned in for a great reward of your choice, making this positive parenting technique truly adaptable to your kids’ personal interests!

10. Free Star Charts

Free star charts are the way to go if you are trying to teach your teens the basics of great behavior. Doing chores, finishing homework, and acting in other responsible ways can earn your kids stars for their charts. Full charts can be turned in for a great reward at the end of the week, so these free star charts really can be tailored to what keeps your children motivated!