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Craft Ideas for Kids

Free Arts and Crafts Activities for Home

These creative arts and crafts activity ideas for kids are a great way to keep you child stimulated. Will they claim boredom after 5 minutes? No way. These fun craft ideas will give your kids hours of fun playtime. Whether you're looking for a spring, summer or fall activity, this section has all the ideas. There are event craft projects for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Easy Craft Projects for Kids at Home

Easy arts and crafts projects for kids to do at home. Unleash the creativity in your child and give them hours of fun playtime while encouraging them to be creative. Use for kids party games or just make freetime fun! Teaching kids through these engaging craft projects for kids improves your relationship with them, and can turn into a lifelong love and appreciation of the arts.

Car trips are an essential part of family vacation, a day at a theme park, and other fun events. But kids don’t always understand that they are worth the hassle. In fact, they get bored very easily—and complaints from the backseat can easily create stress and put a dark cloud over an otherwise great day. To prevent your kids from succumbing to boredom, try this fun activities box!

Paper bag puppets are a fun way to let your child exercise their imagination while participating in a fun craft for kids. Creative in nature, the activity will also teach your little one more about art supplies, colors, shapes, and textures.

This easy project allows children to create ornaments for the entire family to enjoy. Little ones will have a wonderful time making holiday ornaments to display or share.

Toddlers love feeling special, and their birthday is the best time to celebrate their individuality! Decorating a birthday crown is a great way to encourage your little one to exercise their creativity while allowing them to enjoy all the attention on their big day.

Handmade cards are a wonderful way for your toddler to show they care on Mother's or Father's Day. This exciting craft for kids will allow your little one to create such a card while exercising their creativity and improving their motor skills.

Kids rely on their creativity to fashion one-of-a-kind paper blooms for Mother's Day cards. They continue to create as they decorate ties for Father's Day cards.

Children love to create their own artwork. This fun project gives them a chance to express their creativity as they consider old pictures in new ways.

This fun project gives children a chance to express their creativity as they prepare their own Easter basket for the bunny's arrival. Show children how to weave material through the holes of a plastic berry basket. Kids can use a variety of colorful ribbon or thread for their baskets. They might also like to use pipe cleaners or strips of construction paper.

To create bunnies, have kids cut 2 ears and 2 feet from a piece of construction paper. You can pencil the shapes for them to cut. Have them fold the bottom edge of each ear, apply a thin line of glue to the edge and apply to the egg. They may need to hold the paper to the egg for a few moments in order for it to adhere.

This fun craft enables kids to give an Easter egg a new look and be creative.

Set up a work area by layering a few sheets of newspaper across a table. Place 1 cup of boiling water, one teaspoon of white vinegar and 15 to 20 drops of food coloring into a bowl or mug. Stir until well combined, and then place on the work station for children.

If children have paint shirts or other smocks, have them put them on for the first phase of this project. Prepare a work surface with a layer of newspaper. Lay out art supplies and previously dyed or plain hard-boiled eggs. If using dyed eggs, make sure they are fully dry before decorating.

Discovering new things is a daily job for toddlers, who are almost always interested in learning about the world around them. Learning more about their bodies is always interesting, and this fun craft for kids will show them the difference between their feet and yours.

This easy project allows children to create ornaments for the entire family to enjoy. Little ones will have a wonderful time making holiday Garland to decorate with.

Mobiles are, traditionally, hung above the cribs of babies to both comfort them and give them something to look at. Toddlers can also benefit from the presence of a mobile, as can their room's decor. Through this fun activity for kids, your toddler can help create a mobile that is perfect for their personal space!

Children look forward to a visit from Santa all year! This fun project gives kids an easy way to have fun decorating the Christmas tree while they wait for his arrival.

This project gives kids a chance to express their creative side while making a wreath to honor individuals on Memorial Day.

Children grow up quickly. This unique idea for a Mother's or Father's day card captures little ones' fingerprints in timeless, fun designs.

Snowflakes are a typical part of the winter landscape. This project provides the perfect way for children to occupy themselves on a snowy winter day.

Coupon books are fun to create and even more fun to use! These customizable books are fantastic gifts for parents, who will appreciate the family fun they offer.

Going on walks with your child is a great way to get out of the house and get some exercise. Odds are that your little one loves picking up rocks, pinecones, and other objects along the way. Put these to good use with this fun craft for kids!

First take the red poster board and cut it for the kids in strips that they can fold in half to cut out their Valentines. The children can cut a heart or fold the red poster board in half and on the folded edge have you teach them how to cut a heart shape.