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Activities Box

Car trips are an essential part of family vacation, a day at a theme park, and other fun events. But kids don’t always understand that they are worth the hassle. In fact, they get bored very easily—and complaints from the backseat can easily create stress and put a dark cloud over an otherwise great day. To prevent your kids from succumbing to boredom, try this fun activities box!

Craft Activity Instructions

Before starting, make sure that the cereal box is completely empty. Close the box and cover it with contact paper. Have your little one decorate the box with colored tape and stickers. Encourage them to use their creativity and choose a theme that they love.

After the decoration is complete, draw a rectangle on the front of the box with a pencil. The rectangle should be centered on the front of the cereal box (which is the top of the activities box) and should be large enough for your child to put their hand in and insert and take out their activities. Score one of the longer sides of the rectangle with the craft knife. This will serve as the hinge, so do not cut all the way through.

On the remaining three lines, cut through the cardboard. This should create a door of sorts. Wrap the felt around the bottom of the door and staple it in place. This will make it easier for your little one to open and close the box and prevent any cuts from the cardboard. Click to see a top view of the box. Click to see a front view of the box.

Craft Materials

  • Cereal box
  • Contact paper
  • Colored tape
  • Stickers
  • Craft knife
  • Stapler
  • Piece of felt
  • Pencil

Your child will love filling the activities box with their favorite toys! This craft is not only fun to do, it will provide your child with a great place to store games and other activities for the road!

Craft Mom Feedback

This is a very fun craft to make out of a cereal box with your child. Felt is fine to use inside but I just taped the edges of the box and glued on tissue paper that was thick and constructions paper with my child. I used the glue gun when necessary. I let my child add stickers and notions we had around and glitter shapes with a glue stick and glitter. This is a great box because it has a door, everything is secure inside for the children’s pencils or markers and paper because the cereal box is lightweight yet larger than a show box or a store bought box. My child really likes this new storage space.