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Birthday Crown

Toddlers love feeling special, and their birthday is the best time to celebrate their individuality! Decorating a birthday crown is a great way to encourage your little one to exercise their creativity while allowing them to enjoy all the attention on their big day.

Craft Activity Instructions

Print and cut out the birthday crown template. You can either have your little one decorate the paper directly or you can trace it onto a piece of felt, cardstock, construction paper, or other material and have them decorate it.

Once the crown is ready, lay out the decorations that your toddler can use. These may include markers, crayons, paints, glue, glitter, and more. Try to lay out materials that offer a range of colors and textures for your little one to choose from.

Guide your toddler through the decoration process. Ask them why they are choosing certain materials, what their favorite colors are, and more to show them that you are actively involved in the celebration of their birthday. When the crown is dry, attach the two ends with glue or tape and let your toddler enjoy the spotlight for the rest of the day!


  • Crown Template - (click here to open)
  • Decorations (markers, crayons, glitter, glue, etc.)
  • Crown material (optional)

Your toddler will love this activity, as it allows little ones to prepare for their birthday celebrations. Additionally, your child will love the ability to exercise their creativity.

Craft Mom Feedback

Making the birthday crown is endless fun. My children love them. This is a fun party favor, and this project can be converted to making crowns for any sort of fun. You can buy embellishments of any kind and glue them on with a glue gun or regular craft glue after they are colored in. I made these in poster board so the crown has strength. This is a fun craft at a birthday party, too. Yet my child has fun making it just to play and imagine she is queen for the day.