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Card Making

Handmade cards are a wonderful way for your toddler to show they care on Mother's or Father's Day. This exciting craft for kids will allow your little one to create such a card while exercising their creativity and improving their motor skills.

Craft Activity Instructions

Spread newspaper across the table to make cleanup easier. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and ask your toddler what they want to say to their mom or dad.

Write the message for them or guide their hand while they write, depending upon their development level. Once the message is written, have your little one sign their name and begin to decorate the front of the card.

Lay out glue, stickers, glitter, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and other art supplies that they might enjoy using. Encourage your child to create a picture that they think their parent will love. As your toddler is decorating the card, talk to them about how important their mother or father is.

Ask them why they love their parent and what they appreciate most about them. Write the answers down and include them in the card.


  • Newspapers
  • Cardstock
  • Pen Art supplies (glitter, glue, colored pencils, stickers, markers, etc.)
  • Stencil Template (cupcake, fairy, hot air balloon)

A handmade card is something that every parent will cherish. This fun craft for kids will teach your little one how to create a heartfelt masterpiece for Mother's or Father's Day.

Feedback from Craft Mom

I printed out the stencil my children wanted to use and let them go to town with crayons and watercolors and pens, and glitter and glue. The stencils make it fun. When a child starts to say that they are coloring wrong or it does not look good I just say back, to add some more layers like maybe that part needs a coat of paint over the crayon, and you can see in the sample this is exactly what they did.