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Collage Making

Children love to create their own artwork. This fun project gives them a chance to express their creativity as they consider old pictures in new ways.

Collage Craft Instructions

Look through old magazines and encourage children to pick out pictures that remind them of spring. Point out flowers, birds and other cheerful photos. Ask your little ones to tell you what they like about each picture. Cut out the images children like and lay them across work area. Show children how to apply glue to the back of the pictures and stick them onto a piece of construction paper. Glue sticks typically work best for this step. Encourage children to be creative and layer their pictures or place them in other unique ways. As children work, talk to them about what spring means in nature. Perhaps they have noticed new green leaves on the trees. Or, talk to them about the many baby animals that make their appearance this time of year. Perhaps children would like to make a structured picture from the collage. In this case, you can draw the outline of a tree or flower stems onto the construction paper. Have children add magazine photos as leaves and blooms. A fun way to embellish a collage is with tissue paper. Cut the paper into small squares that a child can twist into balls and add to the collage. Gluing the squares, themselves, to the collage can also add a stained-glass type look.

Collage Materials

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or glue sticks
  • Old magazines or catalogs
  • Tissue paper

Children enjoy expressing their creativity through a collage project. They will learn about the season as they look at pictures that represent spring.

Feedback from Craft Mom

My child really enjoyed this collage and she wants to hang it in her room. She decided she is going to make a collage on her laptop of all of her electronics from doing this craft. It is beautiful and she had fun finding and picking and choosing everything. This craft would be great to hang on the refrigerator too.