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Personalized Coupons

Coupon books are fun to create and even more fun to use! These customizable books are fantastic gifts for parents, who will appreciate the family fun they offer.

Activity Instructions

Print out copies of the coupon book worksheet. You will need one worksheet for each coupon that your little one will create. Sit down with your toddler and talk about the coupons they want to offer. Some examples include coupons for a movie night, a trip out for ice cream, dinner at Mom or Dad's favorite restaurant, etc.

Encourage your little one to think about things that they know their parent loves. Write each coupon's details in the space provided. After all of the worksheets are complete, turn them over to your child to color in the border. Crayons or colored pencils will probably work best, as they will not obscure the writing when your little one draws outside of the lines as easily as markers.

Once all of the pages are finished, stack them together and create three holes using the hole punch. Tie a piece of yarn through each hole, binding the pages together. As the coupons are used, take a picture of the family together and tape the photos to the corresponding coupons.


  • Coupon book worksheets (one for each coupon)
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • A pen
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch

A personalized coupon book is a great gift for any parent. This craft will allow your toddler to show their love and appreciation for Mom or Dad while creating several opportunities for family bonding.

Feedback from Craft Mom

This craft idea had my children really dreaming up great coupons- it helped them get to know their own values on what is really fun and what is work to them at a young age.