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Easter Baskets

This fun project gives children a chance to express their creativity as they prepare their own Easter basket for the bunny's arrival. Show children how to weave material through the holes of a plastic berry basket. Kids can use a variety of colorful ribbon or thread for their baskets. They might also like to use pipe cleaners or strips of construction paper.

You may need to help children cut thin strips of paper if this is their desired media. Ask children if they have a color scheme in mind and encourage them to think about creating patterns as they weave. Kids who use narrow yarn might want to fit more than once piece at time through the basket holes.

Children who like spring ducks might want to use a yellow and orange color scheme. Other little ones could choose a pink and purple or green and blue colors. When the basket is woven, help kids create a handle with a piece of ribbon or a pipe cleaner. Kids might also want to add extra embellishments like Easter stickers or cut shapes from construction paper to glue to the basket.

Once children are satisfied with their baskets, they can complete the look by adding decorative grass and plastic eggs.

Materials for Easter Baskets

  • Plastic Berry Baskets
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn or Pipe Cleaners
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Feedback from Crafts Mom

This craft is truly a spectacular Easter craft for kids. My child just adored making this basket and I made one too. They are cute a sturdy and would be great to make for gifts. For an Easter party. This is a very fun craft, and they are adorable.