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Rock People

Going on walks with your child is a great way to get out of the house and get some exercise. Odds are that your little one loves picking up rocks, pinecones, and other objects along the way. Put these to good use with this fun craft for kids!

Activity Instructions

After a family walk, have your toddler put all of the rocks and other things they have collected onto the table. Pick out the rocks for the bodies of the rock people (sturdy pinecones will work well for this, too). Save any leaves, twigs, and other objects for later. Show your little one how to stack the rocks to create a body, much in the same way that you would create a snowman.

Glue the rocks together and, while they are drying, set out some art supplies. Use whatever is on hand, but paint and scraps of fabric will work well. Once the rock bodies are dry, help your child use the art supplies to create their new character.

Encourage them to incorporate the other natural objects they found on their walk. For example, they can use moss as hair or twigs as arms. You may also try using play dough.


Natural objects (moss, pinecones, twigs, etc.)
Paint brush
Play dough
Fabric scraps

Making rock people is a fun way for your kids to explore their creativity and use natural objects in a new art project.

Feedback from a Craft Mom

This craft is very fun and very cute to make. You want to make sure to put glue with your glue gun on both rocks before you stick them together. My child really is enjoying this craft.