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Holiday Garland Craft

This easy project allows children to create ornaments for the entire family to enjoy. Little ones will have a wonderful time making holiday Garland to decorate with.

Craft Project Instructions

The fun decoration for a tree is a garland. Cut a number of pieces of construction paper into long strips. Place a piece of double-sided tape on one end of the paper strips. Show children how to fold the opposite end of the paper onto the tape to create a loop. Then, help little ones connect a new strip of paper onto the loop to form a chain. This is another great way to encourage children to think about patterns.

Materials Needed:

  • Soft poster paper
  • Construction paper
  • Double-sided tape

Children will feel a sense of pride when they hang garland they made on the Christmas tree. They will also have fun decorating.

Feedback from Crafts Mom

My child really enjoyed making this garland.  I bought double sided tape and lightweight poster board from the dollar store too, and cut the strips to the length and size I felt was suitable for our garland. This garland can be made in so many colors and is so much fun to make, we made it together and then attached our piece and my child had so much fun wrapping the garland on the tree.

My child said that this holiday will be so remembered by her because of the tree ornaments and garland we made and she treasures the fun. This garland is suitable for all kids - from three to teens to make. This is true family fun.