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Paper Snowflakes

Snowflakes are a typical part of the winter landscape. This project provides the perfect way for children to occupy themselves on a snowy winter day.

Craft Instructions

Start with a large square (not rectangle) of paper. Show children how to hold one point of the square and fold it in half towards the opposite point. This will create a triangle. Have kids fold from point to opposite point a second time to fold the triangle in half. It is sometimes helpful to lay a ruler along the edge of the paper to act as a straight edge and create a tight fold. Then direct children in how to fold the remaining triangle into thirds.

Two points should overhang at the bottom of the folded triangle. Trim those points from the paper so an even triangle remains. Now children can use scissors to cut a design into their snowflakes. Straight lines, wavy lines, small squares and more triangles all create beautiful designs when cut into the paper. Kids who want to plan out their design first can simply draw it onto the triangle before they begin to cut the paper.

Encourage children to be creative and use different shapes and sizes across their designs. When finished, kids can very gently unfold their papers to reveal their own unique snowflakes. Paper snowflakes are a fun way to create an indoor winter wonderland. Children will want to hang their creations from windows throughout the home.


  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Rulers and Pencils (optional)

Feedback from Crafts Mom

These are so fun for the kids to make. My daughter loved cutting and figuring out how to fold this piece of paper to make the snowflake. I used a heavier paper to make our snowflakes that was poster board paper. The instructions on how to fold are beneficial, and each child can have a copy to figure out how to do it themselves by following the pictures. After your snowflake is made you can cut additional decorative flake holes to style up your own unique snowflake. VERY FUN and a must do project for the holidays!