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Elementary School Activities

Activities for Kids in Elementary School

Our elementary school activities are written by parenting experts, and can used in school or at home. They make learning fun for kids, while instilling valuable lessons in behavior, manners, nutrition, and other important topics. Use our daily routine activities with your elementary schooler to help change the typical morning frenzy into a better day"s start. Teach children how to deal with social struggles using our simple yet effective peer pressure activities, and make relationships stronger with a trust activity.

Activities for Elementary Schoolers | Use in Home or at School

Specifically created for kids between the ages of 6 to 9 years old, our behavior activities for elementary school age kids are designed to help deal with commonly experienced issues. Whether kids are having trouble being thankful, expressing feelings, or dealing with their emotions, you"ll find step-by-step activity instructions that work, written by trusted Kid Pointz parenting experts. Reinforce healthy eating habits with kids using our nutrition activities today, and share the benefits for years to come. Your elementary schooler will stay engaged while gaining life skills because our kids activities are made for fun too!

To encourage your child's involvement in taking care of his or her bedroom and help develop respect and appreciation for personal belongings.

To encourage your children to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

To address your child's need to find some control in his world while curbing willful tendencies. If he's strong-willed, this may reflect either a natural desire to be a leader, or a deep need to be heard and noticed. This activity helps your child develop the leader emerging within him, while giving him appropriate boundaries.

To encourage your child to develop an interest in nutrition and meal preparation.

To make your morning routine more manageable by brainstorming solutions with your children. This activity encourages communication, problem solving, and family engagement.

This warm, cheerful puzzle encourages your child to see how big their little hearts are and how many feelings, interests and emotions can be inside of them.

To help your child improve communication skills by learning to identify both verbal and non-verbal cues in others. This activity encourages your child to build an internal frame of reference for interacting socially with both adults and peers.