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My Heart Puzzle

This warm, cheerful puzzle encourages your child to see how big their little hearts are and how many feelings, interests and emotions can be inside of them.

Activity Instructions:
Get a piece of thick paper or card stock (8" x 11" or larger) and help your child draw a big heart on it.

Use a pen to divide the heart into different puzzle sections. In each section, have your child write something that describes him. For instance, she might note what makes her happy, what she enjoys doing, what she's thankful for, who her heroes are, or anything else that reflects his personality and interests. Have your child color the puzzle pieces with different colors.

When it's finished, you can display the heartfelt work of art in your child's bedroom or playroom, or cut out the puzzle pieces for someone special to piece together.


  • Construction paper, card stock, or poster board
  • Colored pens, pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Scissors

After finishing the activity, your child will have a deeper understanding of who he is on the inside-his motivations, interests, and feelings. She will also learn about ways to express what's in her heart to others.