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Divorce Box

To ease the strain of a recent or impending divorce by opening lines of communication, helping kids understand the meaning of divorce, lessen feelings of blame, and encourage acceptance.

Activity Instructions:

Create a "Divorce Box" as a place for children to put their fears, concerns, desires, wishes and feelings about their parents' divorce or separation. To make the box, cover a shoebox with wrapping paper, or decorate with paints or colored pens, and cut an opening into the lid of the box that's big enough to insert slips of paper.

Cut up several pieces of paper and leave them beside the box, with pencils or pens, so the kids can write down their personal comments any time. You can name the box anything your family feels comfortable with-such as the Separation Box, Transition Box, or Change Box.


  • Shoe box
  • Wrapping paper, paints or pens
  • Scissors
  • Loose paper


Amid chaos and change, a "Divorce Box" will allow your children's feelings to be validated, and help them to understand that there is a place for them to be seen and heard.