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Outdoor Activities and Games for Kids

Fun Games for Kids that Don't Require Batteries!

These outdoor games for kids and activities help you give children a fun, structured play time. Kids need time to run around outside, but what will they be doing? Will they claim boredom after 5 minutes? Provide kids with fun games they will love playing, while helping them improve social skills, agility and confidence. Our outdoor activities for kids are easy to start, and are interactive enough to keep kids engaged for hours. Used either as kids party games or anytime, these outdoor games make great fun!

Fun Outdoor Activities and Kids Party Games

Choose from the outdoor activities for kids above and give children a healthy alternative to afternoons of video games or TV. With simple instructions and multiplayer interactions, each game provides an opportunity for social growth, physical fitness and fun - All at the same time. Help kids learn teamwork with games like Relay Races or Capture the Flag. Younger children will practice and gain important listening skills with Simon Says or Mother May I, and will improve their physical coordination with activities like Hopscotch. These outdoor games for kids can save the birthday as kids party games, or make Saturday afternoon a great time for family bonding.

Follow the Leader is a fun game that your little ones will request time and time again! This outdoor activity for kids teaches children to follow an example. As a result, they will be better able to follow examples that you set and sharpen their observation skills.

This fun outdoor activity for kids will have your little ones grooving to the beat! Not only will they burn off some energy by dancing, they will learn to listen to directions. Additionally, this game lets your kids enjoy the beautiful weather by getting them outside.

Hopscotch is a fun activity that allows kids to get moving! Additionally, it is a game that can be played with one or more players, so it will become a favorite that your little ones can play anytime they would like.

Mother, May I is a classic game that has entertained children for decades. This is a wonderful game to play outside, and your kids will love learning to both give and receive direction.

This fun outdoor activity for kids provides a wonderful opportunity for them to burn some energy while learning to follow directions.

Relay races are wonderful activities for larger groups of kids. If you have six or more little ones, these games will allow them to both compete in a healthy manner and cheer on their teammates!