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Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader is a fun game that your little ones will request time and time again! This outdoor activity for kids teaches children to follow an example. As a result, they will be better able to follow examples that you set and sharpen their observation skills.

Activity Instructions

Have all of your kids gather together outside, preferably in a fenced in backyard. Before the game begins, explain the rules. First, all children must mimic the actions of the leader. Second, kids must be patient and take turns when it comes to playing the leader.

Also, set boundaries if there are any areas of the yard that are off limits. For the first round, play the leader to teach your kids how the game works. Have them line up, single file, behind you and begin to walk, skip, hop, etc. through the backyard. When you get to certain points, say a swing or a tree, you can do something special that they will also have to do. For example, stop walking and skip around the tree.

After a lap around the backyard, move to the back of the line and have the child who was behind you in line be the leader. Continue this pattern until all children have had the opportunity to lead the game.


  • Outdoor area


Follow the Leader is a fun outdoor activity for kids that teaches many important skills, including taking turns and listening to directions.