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Freeze Dance

This fun outdoor activity for kids will have your little ones grooving to the beat! Not only will they burn off some energy by dancing, they will learn to listen to directions. Additionally, this game lets your kids enjoy the beautiful weather by getting them outside.

Activity Instructions

Have your kids stand in a safe outdoor area, preferably one that is fenced in. Bring a CD player, MP3 player, or radio to the area in which your kids will play. If necessary, use an extension cord. Explain the rules of the game to your little ones. The first rule is that they have to dance when the music is on. Encourage them to be expressive and have fun with their dancing. The second rule is that they have to stop dancing when the music turns off. Once everyone is ready to start, turn the music on loud enough for everyone to hear. Choose a song that your kids love to keep them interested. After a few seconds, turn the music off. Repeat this, varying the amount of time that the music is on and off so that your kids won’t start to anticipate when you will change it. After the first song is finished, have one of your little ones take over the controls and go dance with the rest of the group. If necessary, stay behind and help your kids learn to use the music player and join the group when they are ready to handle it on their own.


  • Grassy or otherwise soft space
  • Music player
  • Extension cord (if necessary)


This fun outdoor activity for kids will keep your little ones active while teaching them to follow directions and take turns.