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Red Light, Green Light

This fun outdoor activity for kids provides a wonderful opportunity for them to burn some energy while learning to follow directions.

Activity Instructions

Help your kids map out a course in the backyard. Make sure that all of the kids playing understand the course and where they must go to complete a lap. Next, have all of the kids lineup at the starting line. You can create this staring line by putting a piece of ribbon or other soft material over the course. Once you say “green light,” the kids will run as fast as they can. However, they must stop immediately when you say “red light.” Shout out “red light” and “green light” alternatively. The child who makes a complete lap first is the winner. After they are comfortable with the rules, you can have one of your kids lead the game while you join the others on the course. As you play, you can adjust the rules to each round to keep it exciting. For example, have the kids skip or crawl instead of run.


  • Grassy or otherwise soft space
  • Piece of ribbon for the starting line


This is a fun outdoor activity for kids that your little ones will love! Not only will it allow them to burn off some energy, it will teach them to follow directions and take turns.