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Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

Age Appropriate Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

These preschool and kindergarten activities come from parenting experts and years of childcare experience. You can improve morning and bedtime behavior today with our daily routine activities. Keeping preschool and kindergarten-aged children engaged is often half the battle, so we added elements of crafts into these kids activities to help make the learning hands-on. It"s easy to encourage good manners with our detailed sharing and behavior activities, and to teach important health lessons with our nutrition activities.

Preschool/Kindergarten Crafts and Activities

Count on our activities for preschool and kindergarten kids to hold children"s attention, so you know they'll stay focused long enough to benefit from the lesson. The activities and learning crafts are designed to teach on a specific subject, such as sharing or daily routines, and they include helpful information for the parent or instructor. Our parenting experts designed these age-appropriate preschool and kindergarten activities to be productive, entertaining, and easy to integrate into your child"s day. Each activity includes its purpose, step-by-step instructions, and any materials needed (if a craft element is involved). You may find your child"s behavior improving after just 1 or 2 sessions of a behavior activity, and bedtime won"t be such a chore if you use our daily routine activities. Learn new preschool/kindergarten crafts and activities to use in the classroom or the home, and start creative learning your kids will love today!

Most kids will do anything to get out of brushing their teeth, especially when there is always something more exciting to do. This activity will help motivate your child to brush, promoting good oral hygiene and making your nighttime routine much easier.

To motivate your children to initiate their own bedtime rituals, help them relax, and ensure that they get the sleep they need (and that you get some much-deserved quiet time in the evenings).

To enhance your child's listening skills with a simple game that's fun to create.

To minimize your child's requests for "one more" of whatever it is they want, whether it's a glass of water, stuffed animal, trip to the bathroom, or any other distraction. These are most likely just excuses to delay bedtime, and if you give in it sets a dangerous precedent.

For many parents, it's a real struggle to get kids to settle down and get to bed at an appropriate time, especially on school nights. To make bedtime as smooth and stress-free as possible, incorporate some fun activities and bonding sessions once your child is settled into bed. Before long, he'll be looking forward to bedtime!

These kindergarten activities are effective either at home or in the classroom, because they combine age-appropriate lessons with playtime fun and crafts. Designed by our parenting experts to be simple and straight forward, the kids activities below have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. They teach kindergarten age children important tools for life, like sharing and following a bedtime routine, through engaging behavior and daily routine activities. Now your time with kids can be doubly rewarding!

PurposeLearning is sometimes a challenge, but turning knowledge into a game is a great way to keep your kids engaged. Numbers are important to learn but it doesn't have to be hard. With this fun game, kids will recognize and learn their numbers while having fun with the family and/or friends.

Helps your child expand his or her diet with different types of foods from a variety of sources and provides a vehicle to explore healthy eating choices and nutritional ingredients. This activity can also be used for older picky eaters.

To help your child feel safe when transitioning away from you or another primary caregiver, such as when he or she starts at a new school or daycare.

To encourage your child to share toys, books, and other items with others.

To enlist your child's help with cleaning up their toys after playtime, setting positive habits and promoting a sense of accountability and responsibility.