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Eliminate Bedtime

To minimize your child's requests for "one more" of whatever it is they want, whether it's a glass of water, stuffed animal, trip to the bathroom, or any other distraction. These are most likely just excuses to delay bedtime, and if you give in it sets a dangerous precedent.

Activity Instructions:
Give your child a cup with 7 marbles (or whatever number you decide on). Tell him that every time he calls you back into his bedroom with a request, he has to "pay" you with one marble. When the marbles are gone, there will be no more requests granted for the week. You'll be surprised by how quickly the call-backs dwindle when your child realizes he's running out of marbles.

In addition to using marbles, try setting up a printable evening routine chart to list all the call back items to make sure you get them all attended to before you leave the room. Award points for each night there are no call backs. Track everything on your printed chart, or use our online points and reward system.


  • Cup
  • Marbles

Your child will start to learn that bedtime is for sleeping, and nighttime power struggles will be reduced.