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Easter Egg Shakers Matching Game

To enhance your child's listening skills with a simple game that's fun to create.

Activity Instructions:
Have your child help you place small amounts of each type of “fill” inside two of the plastic eggs—for example, fill two eggs with buttons, two with sand, two with jingle bells, until you have six different pairs. If the plastic eggs don't fit together snugly, seal them closed with Scotch tape around the seams.

To play the game: Put one of each fill type of egg into the two bowls. Have your child shake one from each bowl, until she finds two that have matching sounds. Place the matched pairs in the egg carton.


  • 12 plastic Easter eggs
  • 6 types of “filler” material (for example: sea salt, sand, dried oatmeal, paper clips, small stones, beans, rice, jingle bells, marbles, buttons, coins)
  • One empty egg carton
  • Two bowls, large enough to contain 6 plastic eggs


Your child will enjoy guessing and matching the egg pairs by listening and shaking.