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Numbers Game

PurposeLearning is sometimes a challenge, but turning knowledge into a game is a great way to keep your kids engaged. Numbers are important to learn but it doesn't have to be hard. With this fun game, kids will recognize and learn their numbers while having fun with the family and/or friends.

Activity Instructions

On the driveway or another large paved area (that doesn’t get traffic), write the numbers zero through nine in chalk. Make the numbers large enough for kids to see easily and stand on. Be sure to space them out so the children have plenty of room to race. After the playing field is drawn, gather your kids and their friends (at least two children are needed for this activity). Call out one number at a time and have the kids identify and then race to it. Go slowly enough for all of the kids to find each number. Take any opportunities that arise to teach the little ones a bit more about their numbers, such as the differences between a four and a nine. After a few rounds, allow the kids to take turns calling out numbers. Let them choose from slips of paper that have the numbers written on them, so they are still involved in identifying the numbers even though they are not in the race.


  • Large Paved Area with No Traffic
  • Chalk
  • Slips of Paper with the Numbers zero through nine written on them


This fun numbers learning game will having your child learning numbers in no time.