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Toy Clean Up

To enlist your child's help with cleaning up their toys after playtime, setting positive habits and promoting a sense of accountability and responsibility.

Activity Instructions:

As any parent of young children knows, barking orders is not an effective way to solicit their help. When encouraging your child to help with a tedious task, get creative!  Instead of just asking them to pick up their toys, try singing a song, such as the "clean-up" song: "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do their share." The song will make clean-up time seem more like a fun activity, and he may even sing along with you as he picks up his toys.

Or, if singing isn't your thing, watch a video together about cleaning up, such as: the Clean up Song by Barney

If your child has been playing with siblings or friends, challenge the kids to see who can clean up their toys the fastest. When everything is neatly put away, reward everyone for getting the job done!


Get your child into the habit of cleaning up after themselves at an early age.