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Picky Eaters Chart

Helps your child expand his or her diet with different types of foods from a variety of sources and provides a vehicle to explore healthy eating choices and nutritional ingredients. This activity can also be used for older picky eaters.

Activity Instructions:

Create five sections for carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and sugar/snacks. Write out a list of foods under each of the categories on the chart. Be sure to include as many choices as possible, so your child has the best chance of finding foods she likes.

Hang the chart in the kitchen, and ask your child to select one item from each category for the next night's meal, and one snack item. Children are more likely to try new things to eat if they're the ones who get to choose. Encourage her to select foods she's never eaten before, and if she successfully "risks" new flavors, reward her with her favorite meal at the end of the week.

As an alternative to creating your own, print out our picky eater chart on paper and print the "stickers" on plain sticker stock you can get at any office supply store.


  • A large piece of paper, cardboard or poster board
  • Markers or pens
  • Picky Eater Chart and Stickers
  • Plain Sticker Stock for the Printer


With this activity, children enjoy a well-rounded nutritional experience and can begin to see the importance of variety in their meals.