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Separation Anxiety

To help your child feel safe when transitioning away from you or another primary caregiver, such as when he or she starts at a new school or daycare.

Activity Instructions:

Create a picture book with your child that includes pictures of important people in his or her life, as well as photos and stickers that feature their favorite things. Have your child take the book with him when he's away from you or his primary caregiver. He can look at the album himself or share it with others. You can also add personal notes to the album or touch points such as flower petals or small squares of felt or fur. You can even connect this activity with a Kid Pointz reward chart, so your child can earn stickers for making it through a day at school.


  • A small photo album or blank notebook
  • Photos, stickers, and/or personal notes
  • Scissors; tape or glue


Giving your child a way to "see" the people he's separated from allows him to maintain loving connections and helps to soothe sad feelings.