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I Spy

Playing I Spy does more than simply entertain your children—it sharpens their observation skills while teaching them about the many different objects that surround them. As such, it is a wonderfully educational game.

Activity Instructions

This game can be played inside or outside, depending upon the weather. The different objects that you call out to your kids will change, based on where you are playing.

First, gather your children around to begin the game. Set the parameters, specifying where the objects will be located (for example, if playing outside, limit the objects to the backyard).

Then choose an object and begin the game by saying, “I Spy with my little eye, something that is…” Fill in the rest of the sentence with the color, shape, or texture of the object.

With each item that you choose, try to teach your little ones something new about the world around them. For example, choose flowers that are different colors and explain why flowers are important parts of the environment. Or, you could choose rocks or gravel and explain how, over time, they break down into sand. After a couple of rounds, turn it over to your kids and have them discuss what they know about the items they choose.


  • An indoor or outdoor space


This activity will sharpen your children’s observation skills while encouraging them to share what they know about the world around them.