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Astronomy Pictures

Astronomy is a field that has fascinated cultures since the dawn of civilization. Today, kids have a massive amount of information about the universe at their fingertips. This fun science activity for kids will teach your little ones about space, the stars, history, and how to use the Internet to learn about their favorite topics.

Activity Instructions

Log onto NASA's Astronomy site and get to know the website before introducing it to your children. This website, created by NASA, features an “Astronomy Picture of the Day” each and every day of the year. These pictures are stored in an archive, so your kids will be able to explore as many pictures of the universe as they would like. Furthermore, each picture has a paragraph detailing its origin and the objects that it depicts. Within this paragraph are links to more information.

Give your kids a notebook or worksheets and have them search for their favorite pictures. Instruct them to print their favorites out and tape them into the notebook. After each picture, have them write a bit about what they learned by reading through the information the website presents.

Your kids may or may not understand all of the information they find, as NASA provides some technical details; however, you can help them learn the basics. There are astronomy clubs in most cities that have free telescope viewings. Find a local club on the web and see the planets first hand.


  • Notebook or Worksheet (one per child)
  • Computer
  • Printer


This is an activity that your kids can enjoy year round. Because APOD updates its picture each and every day, your children will never run out of exciting things to learn.